About ellebelle

Sisters Ellen Brown and Melanie DiCristino spent decades working in the financial industry while simultaneously searching for the right opportunity to combine their deep-seated love of textiles with their desire to work with non-profit human rights organizations.  On a trip to Istanbul, a chance meeting with famous Turkish artist, Ebru Uygun, enabled the pair to realize their dream.  Brown and DiCristino were instantly taken with both Uygun’s story as well as her art, and knew that her creations would be the perfect first chapter of the ellebelle story.  ellebelle is dedicated to producing beautiful pieces that capture the essence of artists’ one-of-a-kind visions, while giving back to those less fortunate; a mission of providing bold luxury with beautiful meaning.  Through careful curation and hand-in-hand work with dynamic artists, ellebelle is elated to bring a captivating new aesthetic to the American market.
Taking the brand's mission one step further, the pair is thrilled to finally be able to unite their passion for design with their drive to help the less fortunate. They are proud to donate a portion of the sales from ellebelle’s first collection, created by Ebru Uygun, to benefit TOCEV, and are excited to expand the brand's assortment in future seasons to incorporate other artists, mediums and charities that are making a meaningful impact on their communities.